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April Malmsteen - An Idol Inspiring Me

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They say that behind every successful man, there’s a woman behind it. And I strongly believe that. Why is it so?I believe it simply because I know of one particular successful man who also has a woman supporting him. Do you now Yngwie Malmsteen? He is a neo classical rock artist and a legend. He is the man I am talking about. The woman who supported him is his wife - April Malmsteen.

April Malmsteen is Yngwie’s successful wife. She is a music manager, a professional as well as a businesswoman. She is the reason behind her husband’s recent and past achievements. Yngwie would not be able to promote his newest album through a promotional tour. She also had a part in publishing Yngwie’s autobiography “Relentless”. Aside from this, April is also the reason for Yngwie’s successful endorsements.

In my opinion, she is successful because of many reasons. One possible reason is her philosophy when it comes to work, which is no-nonsense. She is also a person who strives to achieve results and has wide knowledge regarding the market. No wonder, she is a powerhouse when it comes to music industry. She is a talented businessman and also a good negotiator. Combining all these traits made her successful.


Anyone who wishes a career in the music industry or aspires to become a musician would love to have someone like April Malmsteen behind his or her back. This is something I know not because I want to be a musician but because this is not a strange thing at all. Having great talent is not enough, it is important to have someone to push and support you. And perhaps, this is what April is doing for her husband.


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